My Color Assurance (Purchase Protection)

My Color Assurance (Purchase Protection)

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Love your new color or return/exchange for the same wig in a new color for free! We understand that it is difficult to tell just by a swatch what color is being purchased. My Color Assurance allows one free return or exchange for the same wig in a different color if the color is not as expected.

Rather than paying 30% restocking fee and return shipping, this flat rate will save you money. The average $200 wig would cost about $70 to return . Only one free return/exchange per My Color Assurance purchased with your new wig.

No refunds on My Color Assurance purchases. 

Please keep in mind that the purchase of My Color Assurance only applies to one item on your order.  If you order more items, you may apply it to any one of the items on the same purchase. 

If buying two or more wigs, and you want assurance for each of them, you will need to purchase as many of My Color Assurance to cover each one.

Coverage does not apply to any items purchased separately from My Color Assurance.

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