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The Best Wigs For Alopecia

There are many great wigs available for people with alopecia. Here are a few of the best: ● Monofilament wigs are made with a mesh-like material that allows your scalp to show through, giving the illusion of natural hair growth. This type of wig is often recommended for people with alopecia areata, as it can be worn without feeling too hot or heavy.● Lace front wigs have a lace-like material at the front of the wig that is sewn to thehairline. This allows you to style your hair with a natural-looking part. Lace frontwigs are often recommended for people with alopecia totalis, as they can beworn without any visible tracks.● Full lace wigs are made entirely from lace, which allows...

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Are Some Wigs Better For Cancer Patients?

Are some wigs better for those undergoing cancer treatments? There are many reasons for hair loss, whether medications, alopecia, cancer treatment or other issues. Wigs can help you look and feel your best which gives you confidence and a better outlook. Treatments can cause a response Chemotherapy drugs are powerful medications that attack rapidly growing cancer cells. Unfortunately, these drugs also attack other rapidly growing cells in your body, including those in your hair roots. If you suffer from hair loss, double monofilament or 100% hand-tied caps are ideal, especially for those experiencing scalp sensitivity. These are extremely light-weight wigs, more comfortable and softer to the skin than basic caps. Because the monofilament is like see-through mesh, it looks like a real scalp wherever it is parted....

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