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Incentive by Gabor in Sugared Charcoal (511C) Image 1
Incentive by Gabor in Sugared Charcoal (511C) Image 2
Incentive by Gabor in Sugared Charcoal (511C) Image 3
Hand knotted top
Divider for Blonde Colors
Wheat Mist (G20+)-Medium beige blonde with pale blonde highlights on top
Vanilla Mist (G17+)-Cool ash blonde with lighter tones at the top and sides, deeper ash blonde at nape
Praline Mist (G19+)-Light golden brown with light blonde highlights on top
Honey Mist (G16+)-Medium ash blonde with champagne blonde highlights on top
Buttered Toast Mist (G15+)-Light brown with medium golden blonde highlights on top
Almond Mist (G14+)-Dark golden blonde with ash blonde highlights on top
Divider for Red Colors
Ginger Mist (G27+)-Light auburn with strawberry blonde highlights on top
Cayenne Mist (G29+)-Medium auburn blend with golden blonde highlights on top
Mango Mist (G31+)-A subtle red with lighter tones through the top and sides and darker nape
Dark Cinnamon Mist (G829+)-Medium golden brown with medium auburn highlights on top
Paprika Mist (G30+)-Medium auburn with coppery red highlights on top
Chocolate Copper Mist (G630+)-Medium brown with auburn highlights on top
Divider for Brunette Colors
Cappuccino Mist (G13+)-Dark ash blonde with beige blonde highlights on top
Pecan Mist (G12+)-Ash brown with dark ash blonde highlights
Mocha Mist (G11+)-Light brown with dark ash blonde highlights on top
Nutmeg Mist (G10+)-Light neutral brown with dark blonde highlights on top
Mahogany Mist (G811+)-Golden brown with golden blonde highlights on top
Chestnut Mist (G8+)-Dynamic medium and dark brown blend
Coffee Mist (G6+)-Medium brown with golden brown highlights on top
Dark Chocolate Mist (G4+)-Chocolate brown with medium brown highlights on top
Licorice Mist (G2+)-Dimensional black that is slightly lighter at the front and darker at the nape
Divider for Gray Colors
Burnished Snow (G60+)-Dark blonde with 90% gray and silver highlights on top
Sugared Silver (G56+)-Light silvery gray mix
Sugared Smoke (305C)-Light ash brown blended with 75% gray
Sugared Almond (G58+)-Ash brown blended with silver
Platinum Mist (G101+)-Light golden brown with 75% gray
Sugared Walnut (G38+)-Medium brown blended with 50% silvery gray
Sugared Pecan (G48+)-Rich brown blended with 80% silvery gray
Sugared Charcoal (511C)-Salt & pepper blend with brown and silvery gray, gradually lighter in front

Incentive by Gabor (Hand Tied Top Wig)

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Try it tousled or tailored. This versatile cut has the built-in motivation of easy styling.


  • Hand-tied top for supreme luxury
  • Basic cap construction of premium materials provides cool wefting and affordability
  • Impeccable machine-made quality and consistency
  • Soft pre-styled synthetic hair looks natural and keeps its shape in all weather
  • Adjustable band allows you to customize the fit up to 1/2" for ultimate comfort
  • Bendable ear tabs for a discreet secure fit

Color shown is Sugared Charcoal (511C) 
Specifications: Front 2¾”, Crown 4”, Sides 2 ¼”, Back 2¼”, Nape 1¾” 
Weight: 1.75 oz. 
Cap Size: Average