Curl Up by Gabor in SS Sunkissed Beige (GL23/101SS) Image 1
Curl Up by Gabor in SS Sunkissed Beige (GL23/101SS) Image 2
Curl Up by Gabor in SS Sunkissed Beige (GL23/101SS) Image 3
Curl Up by Gabor in SS Sunkissed Beige (GL23/101SS) Image 4
Lace front cap
Divider for Rooted Colors
SS Sunkissed Beige (GL23/101Ss)-Champagne and platinum blonde blend with dark blonde roots
SS Sandy Blonde (GL14/22Ss)-Light golden blonde with dark blonde roots
SS Buttered Toast (GL15/26Ss)-Dark ash blonde and caramel brown with light brown roots
SS Honey Toast (GL14/16Ss)-Light brown and honey blonde blend with medium brown roots
SS Rusty Auburn (GL29/31Ss)-Evenly blended medium auburn with subtle highlights
SS Honey Pecan (GL11/25Ss)-Medium golden brown with golden and ash brown and medium brown roots
SS Hazelnut (GL8/29Ss)-Light chestnut brown with light auburn highlights and medium brown roots
Divider for Blonde Colors
Sunkissed Beige (GL23/101)-Beige and platinum blonde blend
Buttered Biscuit (GL16/27)-Dark honey blonde blended with strawberry blonde
Sandy Blonde (GL14/22)-Cool, pale blonde with ash blonde tips
Buttered Toast (GL15/26)-Light brown with medium golden blonde highlights
Divider for Red Colors
Caramel (GL27/22)-Strawberry blonde blended with ash blonde
Hazelnut (GL8/29)-Medium brown with ginger highlights
Dark Copper (GL30/32)-Dark auburn and medium auburn blend
Rusty Auburn (GL29/31)-Light auburn and soft copper blend
Sangria (GL33/130)-Dark auburn blended with burgundy
Chocolate Caramel (GL27/29)-Medium golden brown with medium auburn and copper highlights
Mahogany (GL6/30)-Medium dark brown with auburn highlights
Divider for Brunette Colors
Toasted Pecan (GL18/23)-Medium ash brown blended with cool blonde highlights
Honey Toast (GL14/16)-Dark blonde with subtle highlights
Mocha (GL12/14)-Light golden brown blended caramel and golden blonde
Golden Walnut (GL12/16)-Dark blonde with subtle ash blonde highlights
Honey Pecan (GL11/25)-Medium brown blended with medium golden blonde
Walnut (GL10/14)-Light ash brown blended with honey blonde
Sunlit Chestnut (GL10/12)-Medium golden brown blended with light caramel brown
Dark Chestnut (GL8/10)-Medium brown with medium golden brown highlights
Dark Chocolate (GL4/8)-Rich dark brown
Black Coffee (GL2/6)-Rich dark brown blended with medium dark brown
Double Espresso (GL1/2)-Off-black
Divider for Gray Colors
Sugared Silver (GL56/60)-Light silvery gray mix
Sugared Smoke (GL38/48)-Light ash brown blended with 75% gray
Sugared Charcoal (GL44/51)-Espresso and medium brown blended with silvery gray

Curl Up by Gabor (Lace Front Wig)

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A collar length, all over layered shape with tons of spiral waved curls that can be scrunched for more fullness or gently brushed into soft waves. The eyelash bang adds a subtle frame to emphasize the eyes.


  • Lace front construction of premium materials provides natural looking hairline for off the face styling options
  • Impeccable hand sewn fibers in front for quality and consistency
  • Soft pre-styled synthetic hair looks natural and keeps its shape in all weather
  • Adjustable band allows you to customize the fit up to 1/2" for ultimate comfort

Color shown is SS Sunkissed Beige (GL23/101SS) 
Specifications: Front 7½”, Crown 9½”, Sides 9½”, Back 9½”, Nape 8½” 
Weight: 4.2 oz. 
Cap Size: Average